'Every instant of life is an artist's work, for life is an artist's workplace'

Robert Blehert

About the Artist

Born in St. Paul, Minnesota, Robert Blehert discovered pencils and began creating magic on paper at the age of three. Robert’s first commissioned artwork, at 15, was a pastel portrait of a friend’s dog.  Moving to Seattle after college, he studied extensively with Libby Berry, a nationally known wildlife artist, and learned to implement the painting techniques of the Old Masters (see Blehert’s painting “Dawn” done in this style, below).

Libby stressed the importance of utilizing various natural laws in masterfully executing any style of painting.  Having always had a great talent and love for portrait art, Robert has continued to pursue that field with considerable success as witnessed by his ever growing list of clients.

More recently, the artist decided that commissioned work was not an end in itself, and has proceeded to express his feelings about life on canvas in a way he hopes will communicate to a large number of people. As a person and as an artist, Robert enjoys communicating straight from the heart with an immediacy he feels is best expressed with impressionism. Robert feels that impressionism, rather than stressing a specific style, is a way of approaching the perfect balance between technique and message. It is a way of stressing feeling while not abandoning the technical mastery that goes into the expression of that feeling.

Ultimately, Robert doesn’t pay much attention to labels, but cares more about the effect his paintings have on viewers. If the viewers can share a fraction of the artist’s excitement in creating a work, Robert will consider himself successful!